Duro Compagnie

motion graphics + design direction + animation

Established in Beaverton, Oregon 2002, Duro is a brainchild of Danny Rubyono, a SCAD alumnus who earned Master of Art degree in computer art. His passion involves fusing art, design, moving images, and technology to create thoughtful, purposeful, and beautiful design-infused product or experience.

Since its inception, Duro function as a collective hub that comprises of experienced, like-minded creatives, working together to bring your ideas to live from onset to execution.

We in essence are your brand's advocate and are capable of crafting digital content that is successful both commercially and culturally while sustaining a sense of artistic integrity. Our strengths span the creative gamut from visual design and illustration to motion graphics and 3d animation. Give us a call


Team members: Danny Rubyono, Owner | Creative director / Minh Nguyen, VFX director / Tim Thiessen, Senior animator / Anthony Pauzie, Design director / Fred Rouault, Sound designer / Arvina Mulia, Project manager.


Duro has worked with: The Attik / Atomic D / Adidas / Apple / AT&T / Angelsign studio, Italy / Byte Mobile / Big Picture Lab / BrandTank / Bestlight Creative / Cisco / CMD / Downstream / Dreambox TV, Istanbul / Fashion Buddha / Fox Sports / Harmonic / Nike / HP / Intel / Industry PDX / Liquid agency / Motion Magic, Shanghai / McCrystal Group / Phiaton / Razor Fish, Portland / Yeager North / Ziba Design.