Duro Compagnie

motion and visual design boutique

Informatica motion branding

Liquid agency, Portland tasks Duro to help produce a motion branding package for Informatica, a leader in enterprise data management. The deliverables are logo endtag, anthem video, and digital signage.

McAfee brand motion design language

Duro is working with Solid agency, NY to produce brand video elements for McAfee which entails design, animation, and sound design for various video elements such as logo endtag, transitions, chapter opener, and more. Please click on the image above to see the case study.

March 2017 update

We have been working relentlessly on multiple projects both internal and external. We just launched a short Duro 2017 teaser reel that is being distributed as part of our marketing effort to attract new clients. You can click on the image to view it.

Intel 2 in 1

We are just about to wrap up an Intel project. TNG asked Duro to help design and produce a 2 minute promotional video for Intel 2 in 1. Click on the image above to see video.

Ericsson : Rose's Day

Just completed illustration assets for Ericsson animated video that explains benefit of wearable device for smartphone users for elderly people. Click on the image above to see the video.