Duro Compagnie

motion and visual design boutique

Northwestern Mutual

Duro, in partnership with Downstream, Portland have created a 360 ring anthem video for Northwestern Mutual EBC (Executive Briefing Center) that incorporates an iconic outline illustration that has been a signature of Northwestern Mutual visual brand. Duro's role is to design, concept, and provide technical art direction for the animation.


Straight Blast and Duro teaming up to tackle an opening title animation for Ubisoft. Click on the image above to see the video.

Informatica motion branding

Liquid agency, Portland tasks Duro to help produce a motion branding package for Informatica, a leader in enterprise data management. The deliverables are logo endtag, anthem video, and digital signage.

McAfee brand motion design language

Duro is working with Solid agency, NY to produce brand video elements for McAfee which entails design, animation, and sound design for various video elements such as logo endtag, transitions, chapter opener, and more. Please click on the image above to see the case study.