Duro Compagnie

motion and visual design boutique

ImagineBowl ad

CMD agency in Portland hired Duro to design and produce a 30 sec video teaser ad for NFL in partnership with Microsoft. The video is featured on their website and broadcasted on NFL TV channel. Please go to imaginebowl.com to read more detail about the entry and how you can participate. Click on the image above to see the video.

Amway Fast Track

Duro helped The Great Society produced 2 explainer videos for Amway that succinctly explain how Amway Fast Track Incentive works. We will post the video as soon as they release it to public.


We are off to a good start in 2015. Lots of projects in the works both with existing and new clients. We are still the same lean and nimble team who craves for creating awesome design. Our 2015 Reel is up, please check it out under work section. And if you want to read up on our capabilities deck please click on the image above.


Studio Cassis tapped Duro at the eleventh hour asking to make design recommendations for NIKE marketing campaign posters that they had made internally.