Cisco Executive Briefing Center

Downstream tasked Duro to develop multiple entry points digital content for Cisco's Executive Briefing Center. We had to depict a chronology of Cisco's innovation, which impacted the advancement of technology, overlaid with major historical events. It was a worthy challenge creating content that resonated with Cisco brand and laying it out within an impressive horizontal landscape screen format. The result was a smart, simple, and modular design that supports evolving content.
University of Florida Football Center
Duro worked alongside with Downstream PDX to build an interactive and digital attract loop for University of Florida Football Center. Duro provided design direction and produced animation for the attract loop playing on their lobby entrance. We adopted a unique design for the attract loop leveraging from the printed display wall graphics which incorporated an ink blotches elements as part of the common visual thread tying all visual elements nto a cohesive branded environment.
Autodesk - Executive Briefing Center
Duro collaborated with Downstream PDX creating three projected digital content attract loops as part of the interactive media for Digital Prototyping story that help inspire designers and engineers. The space provides an immersive experience ranging from innovation and learning facility. 
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